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Yoga Therapeutics

  • Location: Vashon Athletic Club
  • Time: 7:00PM
  • Date: Tuesday evenings
  • On-going
  • Member and Non-members welcome

Therapy is defined as the remediation of a health problem. Preventive therapy is that which is intended to prevent a medical condition from occurring. Supportive therapy is that which increases comfort.

Yoga means to bring together, to “yoke”, to join and unite. Therefore, Yoga Therapy is the joining together and uniting of varied practices that improve health, provide remediation of medical health conditions and that gives support to and increases comfort and well-being.

Yoga therapy is for you if you have chronic pain such as shoulder and low-back discomfort or are experiencing fatigue, low immune function or difficulty with your sleep-wake cycles. These and other health challenges, can be temporary due to stress, overwork and injury. Yoga therapeutics will help to resolve these issues, with respect to each individual.


Equestrian Yoga   TBA

–  Increase your posture’s core strength and flexibility
–  Improve sensitivity and connection with your horse
–  Eliminate back pain for both you and your horse

Through the innovative use of physical therapy balls and props, this class improves your seat’s balance and communication, while stabilizing and strengthening your posture’s core.

Your increased sensitivity, flexibility and strength creates a physical ease and emotional confidence through which deeper communication and connections are developed with your horse.




 Planetary Ayurvedic Yoga: An Introduction


In this unique 4-class series, you develop from your Vedic astrological chart a personal Ayurvedic yoga practice.

Month One
Lecture: Introduction to Planetary Dosha
Practical: Yoga asana for Vata

Month Two
Lecture: Planetary Dosha from the Astrological Chart
Practical: Yoga asana for Pitta

Month Three
Lecture: Dosha of the Constellations
Practical: Yoga asana for Kapha

Month Four
Lecture: Your Constellational Dosha
Practical: Yoga asana for Tridosha

Each class builds on the next. All props and hand outs are provided. Attendance in this introductory series is required for more advanced Vedic astrology yoga classes.

Yoga for Stiff People

  • TBA

Yoga poses broken down into pain-free, achievable segments. This class is designed to address areas of the body with most stiffness and discomfort such as the low-back, neck and shoulders. Discover immediate relief and improved flexibility.

Location and fees TBA

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