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Planets and stars associated with love, family and happiness along with the difficult aspects of life are placed within each person’s astrological chart.  The astrological chart shows us a karmic road map that guides and helps us navigate both happy and difficult times.  During difficult times, our chart helps us to understand the nature of our challenge and to realize that whatever the sorrow, it will end and we will evolve. During times of joy, our chart helps us to expand our good fortune and share our wealth with those around us.

Your consultation include lifestyle suggestions drawn from ayurveda, yoga and marma treatment.  Ayurveda, massage and yogic recommendations provide  a stabilizing influence, grounding us while we move through periods of joy and difficulty, growth and change.

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Jyotish- The Science of Light

Jyotisha means wise light or wisdom of the heavens. This astrological practice is a holistic approach to life, encouraging full development of the soul. The Light of Jyotisha is that of pure consciousness which shapes our perception. When perception is balanced, the ups and downs of life are much more easily navigated and understood.

Jyotisha is a Vedic astrological science regarded as one of the oldest in the world. The root meaning of Jyoti is light and brightness, referring to one who is knowledgeable of birth, fate and has relationship with the waters, earth and stars. We use Jyotish to understand ups and downs in life commonly referred to as our karmas.

As a holistic approach to living and to spiritual practice, Jyotish is the actual study of light emanating from the sun, moon, stars and planets. It involves the calculation of planetary positions, stars and other points in the sky. Jyotish supplies us with a karmic blueprint called our natal chart. The time, date and place of our birth generate the natal chart. The natal chart, through placement of the luminaries, reveals karma binding us in this lifetime. Jyotish guides choice in ayurvedic remedy and dharmic support; aiding us in realizing our svadharma (fulfillment of our potential).

The Planets and Dosha

Saturn and rahu dosha is vata. Vata qualities are contracting, dry, cold and in excess, are experienced as fear. Mars, sun and ketu’s dosha is pitta. Pitta has the affect of heat and inflammation and in excess, is experienced as anger and frustration. Jupiter, moon and venus dosha is kapha. Kapha is heavy, damp and cold and in excess, is experienced as depression or apathy. Mercury’s dosha is tridoshic, taking on the quality of the planet placed with it or by aspect. Many astrologers consider Mercury a vata planet.

Gunas are also reveled by planetary placement. Gunas are the qualities of sattva, rajas and tamas. Sattva represents crystal-clear perception. Tamas represents cloudy or dense perception while rajas represents fire and the heat that results in striving for perception.

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